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IFIP SEC conferences are the flagship events of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Technical Committee 11 on Information Security and Privacy Protection in Information Processing Systems (TC-11).


Next upcoming IFIP SEC Conferences


June 2021

36rd International Conference on Information Security and Privacy Protection

IFIP SEC 2021 - Oslo, Norway

Call for Papers coming soon    


June 2022




Past IFIP SEC Conferences

IFIP SEC 2020 – Maribor, Slovenia, Hybrid Event (online & offline)

Submitted papers 149,  accepted papers 29 (19.5%), 3.9 reviews by paper, attendees 155

IFIP SEC 2019 – Lisbon, Portugal

Submitted papers 142,  accepted papers 26, 4 reviews by paper, attendees 95

 IFIP SEC 2018 – Poznan, Poland

Submitted papers 89,  accepted papers 27, 4 reviews by paper, attendees 50+

IFIP SEC 2017 – Rome, Italy

Submitted papers 199,  accepted papers 38, 3-4 reviews by paper, attendees 135

IFIP SEC 2016 – Gent, Belgium

Submitted papers 145, accepted papers 27, 4 reviews by paper, attendees 83

IFIP SEC 2015 – Hamburg, Germany

Submitted papers 212, accepted papers 42, 4 reviews by paper, attendees 142

IFIP SEC 2014 – Marrakech, Morocco

Submitted papers 151, accepted papers 27, 3-4 reviews by paper, attendees 106

IFIP SEC 2013 – Auckland, New Zealand

Submitted papers 83, accepted papers 37, attendees 110

IFIP SEC 2012 – Heraklion, Creta/Greece

Submitted papers 167, accepted papers 42, attendees 116

IFIP SEC 2011 –  Luzern, Switzerland

“Future Challenges in Security and Privacy for Academia and Industry”

Submitted papers 100, accepted papers 25, attendees 153

IFIP SEC 2010 – Brisbane, Australia

“Security & Privacy – Silver Linings in the Cloud“ collocated at IFIP World Computer Congress

Submitted papers 102, accepted papers 25, attendees 105

IFIP SEC 2009 – Pafos, Cyprus 

“Emerging Challenges for Security, Privacy and Trust”

IFIP SEC 2008 Milano, Italy collocated at IFIP World Computer Congress

IFIP SEC 2007 Johannesburg-Sandton, South Africa: “New approaches for security, privacy and trust in complex environments”.

IFIP SEC 2006 Karlstad, Sweden: “Security and privacy in dynamic environments”

IFIP SEC 2005 Tokyo-Chiba, Japan: “Security and privacy in the age of ubiquitous computing“.

IFIP SEC 2004 Toulouse, France: “Security and protection in information processing systems“ collocated at IFIP World Computer Congress

IFIP SEC 2003 Athens, Greece: “Security and privacy in the age of uncertainty”

IFIP SEC 2002 - Cairo, Egypt: “Security in the information society: visions and perspectives”

IFIP SEC 2001 - Paris, France: “Trusted information: the new decade challenge“.

IFIP SEC 2000 - Beijing, China: “Information Security for global information infrastructures“ collocated at IFIP World Computer Congress

IFIP SEC 1998 - Vienna/Budapest, Austria/Hungary: “Global IT security“ collocated at IFIP World Computer Congress

IFIP SEC 1997 - Copenhagen, Denmark: “IT Security in Research and Business”

IFIP SEC 1996 - Samos Island, Greece: “Information systems security: facing the in-

IFIP SEC 1995 - Cape Town, South Africa: “Information security - the next decade”

IFIP SEC 1994 - Curaçao

IFIP SEC 1993 - Toronto, Canada: “Computer security”

IFIP SEC 1992 - Singapore: “IT security: the need for international cooperation”

IFIP SEC 1991 - Brighton, England: “Information security”

IFIP SEC 1990 - Helsinki, Finland: “Computer security and information integrity”

IFIP SEC 1988 - Gold Coast, Australia: “Computer security in the age of information“.

IFIP SEC 1986 - Monte Carlo: “Security and protection in information systems”